me and my girlfriend wanted to but a bedroom set. we were told the dressers were in stock and the bed was on back order for a week and a half.

we were then told we would be charged a delivery fee of 79.99. I asked the store manager to split the delivery cost with me seeing how the bed was on back order he refused. Steinhofel's in kenosha wisconsin lost a 2700.00 sale because the manager would not give a $40.00 credit on delivery. in this climate you would think they would want the business.

we walked out and never bought the bedroom set.

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West Bend, Wisconsin, United States #680679

So they are charging 1 full delivery fee.. for two delivery trips.seems fair, it is not your fault it is not in stock, so you should not pay. They do twice the driving at no cost to you Sounds like they are already losing the $40 but you get most ur stuff earlier than expected.

Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States #676648

Think about how the good reviews sound, they are obviously people associated with the company that are leaving the good comments. I after having a problem talked to a friend that used to be a shipping manager for the company in Waukesha and he stated that after working for them he would never buy anything from them and hopes more people stay away as all they do is rip people off including employes


Agreed. Why should you get charged 2 times for delivery for 1 purchase.

And you said split it. I do not think this other commentors read and understand the issue.


They have treated us perfect! In matter of fact..we bought thousands of dollars worth of furniture there.

We always were treated with respect and they have always discounted for us without a problem. We have furnished three apts...and a large home from there. We will always go back.

We have also told many family members..and friends about steinhafels...they also love the place! Keep up the exellent work!


I think if anything that should charge the delivery fee for the item that was in stock and then when the bed came in NOT charge the delivery fee, you should not be cahrged twice for the fee when you had no control over that item not being in stock.


Well if he has a family to feed, a $2700 sale is better than a $0 sale. These people work on commission, they don't pay the fee.

They just reduce their commission by a certain percentage.

That salesperson just doesn't know how to cut a proper deal. Gotta take the customer off the streets.


they have to give you $40 for your piece not in stock? What do you charge for the whole set not in stock?


sounds like you wanted special treatment, not fair treatment


maybe because he has a family to feed?

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